Workforce Crisis: You can’t teach a duck to hunt mice!

Workforce Crisis: You can’t train your way out of a bad hire

You can’t teach duck to hunt mice, and you can’t teach a turkey to be a Direct Support Professional.

OK. You are now targeting all labor pools with upgraded, effective messaging supplemented with great visual stimulation. And, you have dramatically increased applicant flow. And, you have a written recruiting plan that includes radio, print and online advertising, new events, job fairs, campus recruiting, structured referral programs, and other nifty innovations.

And, you have completely redesigned your applicant experience so that it is a fast, pleasant and effective experience. You have the applicant’s contact information and you have secured limited but critical information on the applicant. All done!

Not on your life.

If you are going to break the cycle of recruit, hire, train, fire, etc. you have to find a way to identify those applicants who are inherently well suited to direct support. Your “gut instinct” and unstructured interviews is no match for the inherent, subjective, well-documented human bias in selection. This is a foundational truth if you are ever to build a culture of purpose driven direct support.

You need the cost savings derived from a purpose driven direct support staff to cope with current and future financial restraints. You need reductions in the frequency and severity of incidents to meet your quality of care goals. You need purpose driven direct support to meet your customer satisfaction targets.

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