What People Are Saying About Us

We’re making a difference in how companies operate and their bottom line!

CFO, Provider, Arkansas

In the first year of using talintel, our turnover was reduced from 81% to 32%. We love talintel!

HR Director, Provider, Kansas

After 6 months things are going well, I’ve been getting feedback from our staff trainers that staff hired since the advent of talintel appear more engaged and active in discussing the training provided to them. As well as taking greater ownership of their jobs. To date only two employees hired with talintel have left.

VP Operations & Development, Provider, Tennessee

November 2011: “Of 5 incidents reported, 4 of the employees were hired prior to our use of talintel. (This actually covers both Memphis and Jackson). The one involved employee who was screened by talintel, had a much higher aptitude rating for working with individuals who are non-ambulatory; however, his work assignment was with an individual who was ambulatory and who displayed serious behavioral challenges; thus, I conclude that we did not fully use talintel’s analysis.

Director of Human Resources, Provider, New Mexico

Due to the high unemployment in our area, we needed to hire a HR Assistant to simply process applications. It is a very boring job and we experienced high turnover. We use talintel to assist in sorting our applications and therefore we moved that employee to another position and saved our department $35,000+ just for that feature.

Director of Training and Development, Provider, North Carolina

When someone asks me how much talintel costs, I respond, “To use talintel costs me $2,000 per month. To NOT use talintel costs me $44,000 per month.

CFO, Provider, Connecticut

We had been happily using talintel for 9 months. One day the Training Director came to ask me if we had changed something in our hiring practices. I said, “No. Why?” He said that someone in the class was unusually disruptive, using foul language and did not fit the profile of the new DSP’s in the last 9 months. I asked our HR Director to show me the talintel report on this person. The score was below our cut off. I asked why she was hired. The response was, “She is ______’s daughter.” Lesson learned.

COO, Provider, Kentucky

In the 4 years prior to using talintel, our turnover rate was 81.1%, 78.4%, 78.1%, 79.8%. In the first 9 months of using talintel, our turnover was reduced to 55.3%. Additionally, I calculated the rate of turnover in rolling 6-month increments. On average, turnover was reduced in these periods by 38%.