Program Manager

Program managers provide direction and leadership to direct support staff who provide a range of services to the consumers.

  • How important is it that your support staff stays on task?
  • How disruptive are unexpected staff resignations and no-shows?
  • How can you protect against incidents in terms of both frequency and severity?
  • How do you get control of overtime costs that are driven by constant turnover?
  • How can you improve consumer satisfaction?
  • How do you improve staff career satisfaction?

These questions address the daily headaches that plague program managers. High turnover and a frequency of incidents complicate the best laid plans of program managers.

Learn about the new, innovative, research based talintel Person Centered Provider Model and how this new system can reduce incidents, cut turnover, improve quality of care, increase consumer satisfaction, increase DSP career satisfaction and increase provider capacity.

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Download the Guide on Hiring Quality Caregivers
This guide contains industry leading content on best practices for hiring Direct Support Professionals. We hope this guide will help your organization improve the quality of care while reducing cost of care.

Download 5 Key Ways To Reduce Caregiver Turnover
Learn the 5 key ways to reduce caregiver turnover. This white paper will explain 5 key ways that you can implement today to start reducing caregiver turnover.

Learn how to properly pair your Direct Support Professionals with your consumers.
When talent and role are properly paired career fulfillment soars, productivity improves, consumer satisfaction rises, costs fall, compensation increases, retention jumps and management improves.