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Workforce Crisis: Majoring In Minors

posted on: Monday, September 25th, 2017 by admin

Are you concentrating on the smallest labor pool?

Leo Petrini | | September, 2017

Hidden Labor Pools

One CEO complains, “We recruit, hire, train, fire, recruit, hire, train, fire, etc.” How can she break the cycle?” Another CEO says, “I’ll take her cycle, because I can’t even find applicants, let alone hire, train and fire.”

It has been observed, in conversations with many providers across the country, that the overwhelming majority of provider resources are concentrated on recruiting applicants through passive recruiting. Passive recruiting relies almost exclusively on processing applicants gleaned from job boards and the career page on the provider website.

Innovative providers are going to reallocate precious, limited resources to include proactive recruiting strategies, which will begin to target hidden labor pools, refine messaging, and utilize multiple media to get their message out to new audiences.

Proactive recruiting includes social network marketing as well as structured referral programs, special events, campus recruiting, job fairs, open houses, online, radio, and print advertising, etc. Proactive recruiting should be continuous, should be tracked, and may require adding new skill sets in HR.

One provider followed this Rx and increased applicant flow over 300% and observed a higher quality labor pool as well.

“Just do it!”

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