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5 Key Ways To Reduce Caregiver Turnover

posted on: Tuesday, June 9th, 2015 by admin

Finding and keeping top-performing caregivers is challenging. Current demand is not being met and industry turnover is high. Complicating matters, US demographics indicate consumer demand will increase 37% over the next ten years while the labor pool will only grow 7%. 1 

High turnover drives up workers’ comp premiums and unemployment insurance rates and costs. Hiring ineffective caregivers increases incident reports and liability insurance premiums. Turnover also increases overtime and training costs. Here are 5 key ways to reduce turnover:

  1. Use an objective pre-screening tool to identify those likely to succeed.
  2. Identify those key traits common with successful caregivers.
  3. Hire the right person the first time.
  4. Match the caregiver with the right client.
  5. Continue to apply all HR best practices.


The pre-screening tool has the ability to prioritize applicants through an objective, research based method. This results in HR saving many hours of staff time otherwise spent reviewing hundreds of resumés and interviewing.

Also, by concentrating on applicants with the highest probability of success you can fill open positions faster and save thousands of dollars on unnecessary drug and background checks.

By improving retention you can drive down costs for workman’s comp insurance, unemployment insurance rates and costs, liability insurance premiums and all other direct costs of turnover. 

To learn how to recruit and keep top talent, download the full article here: 5 Key Ways To Reduce Caregiver Turnover.

1HHS Report to Congress 2006