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Direct Support Staff Turnover Reduced – Case Study

posted on: Saturday, August 9th, 2014 by admin

It’s no secret that labor costs are a major concern in health care, and one of the best ways to manage costs is to make smart hires–especially for direct support staff

Hiring the right direct support staff and putting them in the right positions not only increases the quality of patient care, it can also significantly reduce turnover, one of the biggest drivers of labor costs in the industry.

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Turnover puts strain on human resources departments. It chips at morale and increases unemployment expenses.  More importantly, turnover among direct support staff has a negative impact on the quality of support consumers receive. 

But how can an organization ensure that the right people are hired to do the right jobs–especially when turnover rates for certain positions are as high as 70 percent? The answer is information.

Knowing with precision how likely a person is to succeed is a powerful tool for any organization. That’s why it’s important to use a data-driven, real-world tested survey to identify candidates who have both the right skills and personality traits to succeed in the positions that deliver direct care to consumers. 

Using data to increase the likelihood of success among direct care professionals is a proven technique that has helped many health care organizations reduce turnover, save money on labor costs and deliver exceptional support.

In 2011, Mur-Ci Homes had a 52 percent turnover rate. After switching to a hiring system based on data and analytics, the rate was reduced to 27 percent the following year. 

During the same period, an organization called Reach reduced its turnover rate from 74 percent to 28 percent. CCN cut its turnover rate among direct support staff by 31 percent (from 61 percent turnover to 30 percent), Quest reduced turnover from 39 percent to 18 percent. And, perhaps most impressive of all is TFS, which has a whopping 78 percent turnover rate in 2011 but by changing its hiring practices, got it down to 33 percent in less than a year. 

These are real, quantifiable results. Each of these organizations invested in a proven hiring technique for direct support staff and realized tangible savings (as well as improved customer care) in about one year’s time. 

There’s nothing more important than delivering quality care, and one of the best ways to do that is to put the right people in the right positions.

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