talintel is an innovative new system that will change the way your agency recruits, selects, trains, deploys and manages direct support staff.

In a nutshell…Talintel is a research and technology firm specializing in workforce development systems for the Human Services and Health Care industries. Our virtual firm coordinates the talents of psychometricians (a discipline within psychology), professional statisticians, educators, managers, human services providers and their employees who collectively collaborate on research projects dedicated to finding workforce development innovations. We are focused intently on finding research based solutions to enhance workforce development efforts in human services and health care.

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This report will give you a better understanding of why employee selection can be so difficult and what you can potentially do about it.

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Download this case study to learn how one provider used a proven researched based system to dramatically reduced turnover cash costs and improved selection success rates and quality of care provided.

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Better understand how you can make little changes that generate significant improvements in the growth of your organization, your revenue, and your outcomes despite any potential challenge you may face.

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